So much contusion exists in the use of the common names of our trees that it may be well to append here a list of the species mentioned in the foregoing pages, with the botanical name of each for the purpose of further identification.

Cucumber Tree, Mountain Magnolia,

Magnolia acuminata L.

Tulip Tree, Yellow Poplar, Whitewood,

Liriodcndron tulipifcra L.

Basswood, American Linden, Lime,

Tilia amcricana I.

Ailanthus, Tree of IIeaven,

Ailanthus glaiuiulosa Desf.

Horse Chest nut,

Acsiulns hippocastanum L

Red Flowering Horse Chestnut,

Aesculus ruhicunda.

White, Silver, Water or Soft Maple,

Aeer dasycarpuin Ehrh.

Red. Scarlet, Swamp or Soft Maple,

Aeer rubruin L

Sycamore Maple,

Aeer pseudoplatanus L

Hard, Rock or Sugar Maple,

Aeer satcharum Marsh.

Norway Maple,

Aeer platanoides L.

Schwedler's Maple-, Purple Norway,

Aeer platanoides schwedleri.

Ash-leaved Maple, Box Elder,

Aeer negundo L.

Staghorn Sumach, Velvet Sumach,

Rhus typhina L.

Poison Sumach. Poison Dogwood,

Rhus vernix L.

Yellow, Black, or Common Locust,

Robinia pscudacacia L.

Kentucky Coffee Tree,

Gymuocladus dioicus C. Koch.

Honey Locust, Three Thorned Acacia,

Gleditsia triacanthos L.

Black or Wild Cherry,

Prunus serotina Ehrh.

Mountain Ash,

Pyrus americana de C

Sweet Gum, Bilsted, Liquidambar,

Liauidambar styraciflua L.

Flowering Dogwood,

Cornus florida L.

Pepperidge, Sour Gum, Pupelo,

Nyssa sylvatica Marsh.

White Ash,

Fraxiuus americana L.

Black or Swamp Ash,

Fraxinus nigra Marsh.

Western or Hardy Catalpa,

Catalpa Speciosa Warder.


Sassafras sassafras Karst.

English Elm,

Ulnnus eampestris L.

American or White Elm,

Ulnnus americana L.

Hackberrv, Sugarberry, Nettle Tree,

Celtis occidentalis L.

Sycamore, Plane Tree, Buttonwood, Buttonball,

Platanus occidentalis L.

European Sycamore, Oriental Plane Tree,

Platanus orientalis L.

Butternut, White Walnut,

Juglans cinerea L.

Black Walnut,

Juglansus nigra L.

Shellbaik or Shagbark Hickory,

Hicoria ovata Britt.

White Birch,

Betula populifolia Marsh.

Canoe or Paper Birch,

Betula papyrifera Marsh.

Black, Sweet or Cherry Birch,

Betula lenta L.

Yellow or (iray Birch,

Betula lutea Michx. f.

European Birch, Cut-leaved Birch,

Betula alba var. laciniata.

Hop Hornbeam, Ironwood, Leverwood, Hardhack,

Ostrya virginiana K. Koch.

Blue or Water Beech, I ronwood, Leverwood,

Carpinus caroliniana Walt.

White Oak,

Quercus alba L.

Red Oak,

Quereus rubra L.

Scarlet Oak,

Quercus coccinea Wang.

Black or Yellow-barked Oak,

Ou ere us velutina Lam.

Pin Oak, Swamp Spanish Oak,

Quercus palustris Muench,

Scrub Oak,

Quercus nigra


Castanea dentata Borkh.


Fagus americana Sweet.

Purple or Copper Beech,

Fagus sylvatica var. purpurea.

Bay Willow,

Salix pentandra L.

Small American Aspen, Poplar, " Popple,"

Populus tretnuloides Michx.

Large American Aspen, Saw-tooth Poplar,

Populus grandidentata Michx.

Lombardy Poplar,

Populus dilatata L

Cottonwood, Carolina Poplar, Necklace Poplar,

Populus deltoides Marsh.

White Pine,

Pius strobns L.

Tamarack, Hackmatack, American Larch,

Larix americana Michx.


Salisburia adiantifolia Sm.