Montgomery Place, the residence of Mrs. Edward Livingston, which is also situated on the Hudson, near Barry-town, deserves a more extended notice than our present limits allow, for it is, as a whole, nowhere surpassed in America, in point of location, natural beauty, or the landscape gardening charms which it exhibits.

It is one of our oldest improved country seats, having been originally the residence of Gen. Montgomery, the hero of Quebec. On the death of his widow it passed into the hands of her brother, Edward Livingston, Esq., the late minister to France, and up to the present moment has always received the most tasteful and judicious treatment.

The lover of the expressive in nature, or the beautiful in art, will find here innumerable subjects for this study. The natural scenery in many portions approaches the character of grandeur, and the foreground of rich woods and lawns, stretching out on all sides of the mountain, completes a home landscape of dignified and elegant seclusion, rarely surpassed in any country.

Among the fine features of this estate are the " Wilderness," a richly wooded and highly picturesque valley, filled with the richest growth of trees, and threaded with dark, intricate, and mazy walks, along which are placed a variety of rustic seats. This valley is musical with the sound of waterfalls, of which there are several fine ones in the bold impetuous stream which finds its course through the lower part of the wilderness. Near the further end of the valley is a beautiful lake, half of which lies cool and dark under the shadow of tall trees, while the other half gleams in the open sunlight.

In a part of the lawn, near the house, yet so surrounded by a dark setting of trees and shrubs as to form a rich picture by itself, is one of the most perfect flower gardens in the country, laid out in the arabesque manner, and glowing with masses of the gayest colors each bed being composed wholly of a single hue. A large conservatory, an exotic garden, an arboretum, etc., are among the features of interest in this admirable residence. Including a drive through a fine bit of natural wood, south of the mansion, there are five miles of highly varied and picturesque private roads and walks, through the pleasure-grounds of Montgomery Place.