Souvenir De Malmaison

Souvenir De Malmaison, pale flesh color.

Paul Joseph

Paul Joseph, purplish crimson.


Hermosa, deep rose.


Queen, delicate fawn color.

Dupetit Thouars

Dupetit Thouars, changeable carmine.


Acidalie, white.

Souvenir de Malmaison is, take it altogether, its constant blooming habit, its large size, hardiness, beautiful form, exquisite color, and charming fragrance, our favorite rose; the rose which, if we should be condemned to that hard penance of cultivating but one variety, our choice would immediately settle upon. Its beauty suggests a blending of the finest sculpture and the loveliest feminine complexion.

Second to the Bourbons, we rank the Remontantes, as the French term them; a better name than the English one perpetuals; for they are by no means perpetual in their blooming habit, when compared with the Bourbons, China, or tea roses. They are, in fact, June roses, that bloom two or three limes in the season, whenever strong new shoots spring up; hence, no name so appropriate as Remontante, sending up new flower shoots. We think this class of roses has been a little overrated by rose-growers. Its great merit is the true, old-fashioned rose character of the blossoms, large and fragrant as a damask or Provence rose. But in this climate, Remontantes cannot be depended on for a constant supply of flowers, like Bourbon roses. Here are our favorites: half a dozen remontantes La Reine, deep rose, very large. Duchess of Sutherland, pale rose. Crimson Perpetual, light crimson. Aubernon, brilliant crimson. Lady Alice Peel, fine deep pink. Madam Dameme, dark crimson.

* It has seemed best to keep this chapter intact as first written by Mr. Downing. So many new roses have been introduced since his day, however, that his recommendations of particular varieties cannot be expected to cover the field at this time. In an appendix there has been given therefore a modern list of the best varieties now available in American nurseries. F. A. W.

Next to these come the China roses, less fragrant, but everlastingly in bloom, and with very bright and rich colors.