Jerusalem Cherry

Another fruit-bearing plant which has great popularity in winter. Easily grown from seed. Start your plants early in the season in order to have them for bearing size by the following winter. Beautiful as a table ornament. The fruit remains on the plant for a long time. Treat as advised for Ardisia.


A strong-growing, shrub-like plant with foliage of rich, glossy green, thickly spotted with yellow. Often called the "Gold-dust Plant," because of its peculiar variegation. Excellent for the hall in winter and veranda in summer. It does best in a soil of strong loam. Requires a moderate amount of water. Keep the foliage perfectly clean at all times if you want it to do itself justice. A little coating of dust obscures the tiny spots of gold scattered over the surface of the leaf. Is sometimes attacked by scale. Use kerosene emulsion as soon as any are discovered.

This is one of the plants that can be depended on to do duty for an indefinite period if properly cared for.