In the wages of servants, 13s.—in their stipends, 10s.—in the wages of the "garcionem," 14s. 11d.—in stipends, 2s.—also given to the same of favour, 20s.—-given to a certain " pageto " by the year, 2s. 3d.

Pensions And Contributions

In the O of the gardener, 26s. 8d. —-in oblations of servants and certain men of the Court, by favour, 2s. 11d.— in alms, 2s. 2 1/2d.—to the Scholars of Oxford, 2s.—to the Sub-Prior for the cloister, 2s.—to the cellarer for the cutting of herbs, 2s.—to the Almoner for the tithe of the garden, 12s.—in one tenth to the Lord the King. 1 1/2d.—to the Cardinals, 1/4d.—in oblations and "flaunis," 13d. (= flaun = custards, or pancakes, at rogations)—to the reapers of the Lord Prior, 6d.—to John de Leverington, 6d.—to the Carpenter of John de Berney, 6d.— to the " boscar " (= woodman) of the Lord Bishop, 6d.—in gloves, 7s. -—sum, 60s. 1/4d.

Mowings And Other Things

In the mowing of the meadow for both crops and of the court and paths, 3s. 5d.—in peas for pottage of the convent and servants, 3s. 3d.— in mustard seed, 3s. 3d.—in beans, 2s. 2d.—also in beans and butter in the convent, 13d.—in cherries, 8 1/2d.—in milk, 16d.—in forage, 12s. 11d. —sum, 28s. 3 1/2d.

Weeding And Hiring

In weeding and "aids," 30s. 2d.—in the stipend of Ralph Brenetour and others working upon the bank and cleaning the ditch in the meadow for 12 days, 8s.—taking by the day, 8d.—in their drinks and other expenses, 12d.—in the stipend for one carpenter carving timber and mending other divers things, 2s.—in one tiler roofing with tiles and doing other things, 3d.—sum, 41s. 3d.-—in " Pikerell " and roach for stock, 2S. 3d.—in lard, tallow and candle, 8d.—in iron spades and fixing " bills," 3d.—in mending an " axes " and in one new "Hachet," 7d.—in "skalerons" (? escallions= seal ions—small onions). 1d.—In dung, 3s. 3d.—in keys, 4 1/2d.—in " Juncis " (= rushes) for the Infirmary, 10d.—in 2 "tribul" (= sieves or rakes), 2 spades, 2 dung forks, new ironed, 12d.—in 1 seythe, 1d.—in "moles," 1d.—in a wooden measure, 3 1/2d.— in 2 " clayes" for the bank, 10d.—in the " dentation " of a seythe handle], 1d. —in cord (or string), 1d. — in one earthen pot, 1d.—4350 tiles with carriage, 10s. 2d.—in pasture allowed from the Lord Bishop, that is to say " le hundhill," 2s. 2d.— in three " limours cenonette " (? whiteiaashers), 11d.— given to the " raton " (= rat-catcher), 1d.—in parchment, 1d.—Sum, 24s. 5d. —in boots of the gardener with repairs, 2s. 6d.—in wine sent to the Lord Prior and given to the brethren with divers expenses made in blood lettings and at St. Leonard's at times, 11s. 11 1/2d.—in divers spices and almonds, 2s. 7 1/2d.—in foreign expenses, 8d.—in " Wardecor-gard," 2s. 6d.—Sum, 20s. 2d.—Sum of all the expenses, £10. 18s. 1 3/4d., so the receipt exceeds the expenses, £6. 17s. 11 1/2d.

A.d. 1402. Account of brother Thomas Rughton of the office of gardener. 22nd year of Prior Alexander, Michaelmas to Hilary.


Excess of the account of the year preceding, 43s. 10d.—for pears and nuts (" avelanis "), 4s. 4d.—for apples, 16d.—for herbage, 13d.—for dry trees, 18s. 3d.—"pro faggots and Astel " {= shavings), us. 3d.—for willows, gd.—for plants of herbs, 2s. 3d.—for cock and hens, 18d.—for onions, 3s. 10d.—for osiers, 3s. 4d.— for leeks, 6d.—for " tasel" (= teasel), 5s. 10d.—for trees sold to the Master of the Cellar, 35s. 4d. — for " lawyr of crabthorn " and other things sold to the Master of the Cellar, 33s. 4d.—" pro lawyr of wythis," 10d.—Sum, £4. 18s. 7d. —Sum total of the receipts, £7. 2s. 5d.


First for rushes and carriage of the same, 5s.—for garlick and onions, 2s.—for mustard seed, 8s. 6 1/2d.—for beans, 3d.—for planting beans, 12d.—for parchment, 3d. In stipends of the servants to one of them. 105. 6d.—to the other of them, 10s.—for their "tunics," 8s—to the labourers in the garden, 2s. 4d.—to other labourers about "tasel," 3s. 3d.—to the scholars of Oxford, 18d.—in the presence of the Lord Prior for small things and other recreations, 2s. 6d.— for milk for the convent, 2s. 1d.—to the cellarer for knives, 2s.—in oblations at Christmas, 3s.—for the boots of the gardener, 13d.—for spades, shovels and other utensils, 13".d.—in gifts, 6d.

Sum of all expenses, £3. 8s. id.

And so the receipts exceed the expenses, £3. 14s. 4(1. a.d. 1403. Extract from the account of brother Thomas de Corpsty, Michaelmas, 3th year of Henry IV*., to the same feast in the 23rd year of Prior Alexander.


"Pro albell " (=abele, white poplar), 8s. Sd.—for timber, 6s. Sd.—" pro crabdractis and ok " (? crab draitglits, cartloads of crab-trees and oak), 3s. gd.—"pro tasles," 6s. 8d.—"pro" star (—sedge) and reed, 16d.—"pro lillys " (= lilies), 1d.—for the small garden, Sd.—for the meadow demised, 37s. Sd.—sum of Receipts, £10. 3s. 9d.


Arrears, 59s. 4d.—seed of onion bought, 12d.—for nails and keys, 6d.— tenths of the Lord the King, 1 1/2d.—gloves, 7d.—"Pro tribul " (= rake), spades, Sec, 3s. 9 1/2d.—for O O of the gardener, 26s. Sd.— stipends of the servants : To one of them, 165., to the other of them 13s. 2d.— for their tunics, 8s. 10d.—on the day of the account, 12d.

Sum of the expenses, £8. 8s. 6d.—with the arrears, £11. 7s. 10d. The expenses exceed the receipts, 24s. 1d. a.d. 1427 (complete). Account of brother William Metygham from S. Michael to S. Gregory, 6th Henry VI., in the 1st year of Prior William.


For herbs, " lekys " and "Porrettes," 4s.—for faggots (" fasciculis "), Astill and " ozyerys " (= osiers), 8s. 2d.—for the meadows from the cellarer, 20s.—for the garden between the gates, 12d.—sum of receipts, 33s. 2d.