- Icones Plantarum. London, 1836. 8vo.

- Botanical Illustrations. London, 1837. 4to.

- Flora Borealis Americana. London, 1840. 2 vols. 4to.

- Genera Filicum. London, 1842. 8vo.

- Niger Flora. London, 1849. 8vo.

- Filices Exotica. 1857-59. 4to.- Garden Ferns. 1861. 8vo.

Outline of a General History of Gardening. London, 1821. 8vo. *

1822 Hortus Anglicanus; or Modern English Gardening.

London, 1822. 2 vols. 12mo. *

These two works, without the authors' names, are mentioned by Johnson.

F. D. Levingston. A Practical Treatise on the Growth and Culture of the Gooseberry. London, 1822. 12mo.

1822 William Salisbury. The Cottagers' Agricultural Companion, etc. London, 1822. 12mo.

1823 Patrick Neill, m.a., f.l.s. Journal of a Horticultural Tour through some parts of Flanders, Holland, and the North of France, etc. Edinburgh, 1823. 8vo. Charles Harrison, f.h.s. A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees. London, 1823. 8vo.

- Horticultural Register (with Sir Joseph Panton). 1831-36.

Donn. Catalogue of Plants. 1823.

Plan for cultivating Grapes in the Field. Liverpool, 1823. 8vo. *

Mentioned by Johnson without the author's name.

1824 Thomas Watkins. The art of promoting the growth of the Cucumber and Melon, in a series of directions for the best means to be adopted in bringing them to a complete state of perfection. London, 1824. 8vo.

1825 B. Maund. The Botanic Garden. (Published monthly), 1825 to 1850. 4to. Richard Morris. Essays on Landscape Gardening.

London, 1825. 4to. P. W. Watson. Dendrologia Britannica. London, 1825.

2 vols. 8vo.

G. Bliss. The Fruit Grower's Instructor, etc. London, 1825. 8vo.

William Billington, m.c.h.s. A series of Facts, Hints, Observations and Experiments on the different modes adopted for raising Plantations of Oak, with experimental remarks upon Fruit Trees. London, 1825. 8vo.

T. F. Hunt. Half a dozen Hints on Picturesque Domestic Architecture. London, 1825. 4to.

- Designs for Parsonage Houses, dec. London, 1828. 4to.

1826 Chandler and Buckingham. Camellia Britannica. 8 plates.

London, 1826. 4to. *

A Practical Essay on the culture of the Vine, and a Treatise on the Melon. By an experienced Gardener. Royston, 1826 8vo. *

A Catalogue of Fruit in the Horticultural Society at Chiswick. 1826.

William Withers, Jun. A Memoir on the Planting and Rearing of Forest Trees. Holt, 1826. 8vo.

-A Letter to Sir Walter Scott, Bart., exposing certain fundamental errors in his late Essay on the Planting of Waste Land, etc. Holt, 1828. 8vo.

1827 James Mitchell. Dendrologia ; or a Treatise of Forest Trees, etc. Keighley, 1827. 8vo.

Account of the different Flower Shows in England during 1826. Ashton-under-Lyme, 1827. 12mo. *

Account of the different Gooseberry Shows in England during 1826. Manchester, 1827. 12mo. *

Catalogue of Fruits cultivated in the garden of the Horticultural Society of London, at Chiswick. London, 1827. 8vo.

W. Collyns. Ten minutes' advice to my neighbours on the use and abuse of Salt as a Manure. 1827. *

Described by Johnson as having passed through four editions.

1828 Sir Henry Steuart of Allantox, Bart., ll.d., f.r.s.

The Planter's Guide, etc. Edinburgh, 1828. 8vo.

Sir James Sinclair, Bart. On the Culture and Use of Potatoes. Edinburgh, 1828. 8vo.

Charles Macintosh. The Practical Gardener and Modern Horticulturalist. London, 1828. 2 vols. 8vo.

Practical Instructions for the formation and culture of the Tree Rose. Anonymous. London, 1828. 12mo. *

John Saunders. The Kitchen-Garden Directory, etc. London, 1828. 12mo. *

Sir Walter Scott. On Ornamental Plantations and Landscape Gardening. (Quarterly Review.) 1828.

James Graham Temple. The Scotch Forcing Gardener. Edinburgh, 1828.

1829 The Domestic Gardener's Manual, being an Introduction to Gardening on Philosophical Principles. By a Horticultural Chymist. 1829. 8vo. Joshua Major. A Treatise on the Insects most prevalent on Fruit Trees, etc. London, 1829. 8vo. --Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening. London, 1852. 4to.

George William Johnson. A History of English Gardening. Chronological, biographical, literary, and critical. 1829. 8vo.

This is the work to which frequent reference is made in the above list of books.

- The Gardener's Almanack. London, 1843. 12mo.

- The Principles of Practical Gardening. London, 1845. 8vo.

- The Potato Murrain and its Remedy. London, 1846. 8vo.

- A Dictionary of Modern Gardening. 1846. 8vo.

- The Cottage Gardener. Conducted by Johnson.

1849, etc. 4to.

--The Cottage Gardener's Dictionary. 1852. 12mo.

This work went through many editions and was often republished with supplements. The second edition, 1857, 8vo., has the same title as that of 1852. Later on it was called Johnson's Gardeners* Dictionary. The latest edition was revised by C. H. Wright, and D. Dewar. London, 1894. 8vo.

- Gardening for the Many. London [c. 1856]. 8vo.

By Johnson and others.

- British Ferns Popularly described and illustrated by engravings. London, Winchester [printed], 1857. 8vo.

- The Garden Manual. By the Editor and Contributors of the " Cottage Gardener." London, 1857. 8vo.

- Science and Practice of Gardening. London, 1862. 8vo.

George Don. Encyclopedia of Plants. London, 1829. 8vo. -A General System of Gardening and Botany, founded upon Miller's Gardener's Dictionary. London, 1832-8. 4to.

1831 Sir Joseph Paxton. The Horticultural Register (with Charles Harrison). 1831-36.

-The Magazine of Botany. (Begun in 1834.) 16vols. 8vo.

-Practical Treatise on the culture of the Dahlia. 1838. 12mo.

-Pocket Botanical Dictionary. 1840.

Joseph Harrison. Floricultural Cabinet 1833-51. 21 vols. 8vo.

1835 James Maine. The Villa and Cottage Florist's Directory. 1835.

John Dennis. The Landscape Gardener. Chelsea, 1835. 8vo.

Clement Hoare. Practical Treatise on the cultivation of the Grape Vine on open walls. London, 1835. 8vo.

1836 R. Marnock. The Floricultural Magazine. 6 vols. 8vo.


Louisa Anne Twamley. The Romance of Nature, or the Flower Seasons illustrated. London, 1836. 8vo.