It is even possible to adapt the wild 'gardening idea to any yard that is large enough for a border of shrubbery. For instance, grow among your bushes narcissi and all the March blooming bulbs named above. Have only one kind of daffodil between any two shrubs. Plant large clumps.

Then you will enjoy a flower show in your shrubbery border before the bushes put forth their leaves. That is a time of year when the heart craves flowers, and this is one of nature's combinations shrubs and bulbs. Neither interferes with the other. Both are permanent.

Rhododendron And Lily Effects

Another English idea about bulbs that can be applied in any yard large enough for a bed of rhododendrons is to grow lilies in the same bed. This combination enables city dwellers to have gorgeous colour about their houses for three months after the rhododendrons have ceased to bloom. The first cost is heavy, but maintenance costs little. The beds need to be dug only once. Every year thereafter a mulch should be added, but there is practically no other care.