I must confess that formal bedding is one of many subjects beyond my ken. I take little interest in methods which involve forcing and throwing away bulbs or digging them every spring, curing them in summer, and replanting in the fall. So I will merely mention what is done by Lord Northcliffe at Sutton Place to make flower beds interesting all summer without the annual digging of bulbs in May and planting of geraniums or cannas.

He has several large beds of Darwin tulips in which seeds of annual flowers are sown. Among many that I saw in bloom were clarkias, godetias, lupines, candytuft, the annual Anchusa, love-in-a-mist, catchfly, Shirley poppies, larkspurs, Nemophila, cal-liopsis, Statice sinuata, and Phacelia campanularia.

To my depraved taste these flowers seemed very pretty, but I dare say that park gardeners will pooh-pooh the idea.