For great mass effects the best rhododendrons are the two American species Catawbiense and maximum. The best way to buy these is in car-load lots. Nursery-grown plants cost more than plants collected from the wild. There are a lot of irresponsible fellows who offer cut rates on car-load lots, but their stuff is poor. It is cheaper in the end to buy from an advertising nurseryman who has made this work a specialty and has a national reputation to maintain. For one hundred dollars you can get a car load of Rhododendron maximum of all grades and sizes from two to eight feet and there will be from forty to two hundred plants in it. The freight to New England from Pennsylvania collecting grounds is twenty-two to forty dollars a car.

A landscape forestry effect we can have.

A "landscape forestry" effect we can have, everywhere under these deciduous trees are broad-leaved evergreens, such as holly and rhododendrons, we can carpet the ground with evergreen trailers. denbies, dorking, surrey. See page 168.

But there! Why prate about mere dollars when there are inspiring effects we can study!