One of the most enchanting plant families is the one to which the heaths belong the Ericacea. It is rich in bog plants of many different types of beauty. Some of the showiest are mentioned in Chapter XXII. All the shrubs named below are native to our bogs.

Shrubs Of The Heath Family

Wild rosemary, Andromeda polifolia. Rhodora, Azalea Canadensis. White Azalea, Azalea, viscosa. Dwarf Cassandra, Cassandra calyculata. High-bush huckleberry, Gaylussacia frondosa. Sheep laurel, Kalmia glauca. Labrador tea, Ledum latifolium. Deerberry, Vaccinium stamineum. High-bush blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum.

Other Bog Loving Shrubs

Button-bush, Cephalanthus occidentalis. Black alder, Ilex verticillata.

Long-stalked winterberry, Nemopanthes Canadensis. Red choke-berry, Pyrus arbutifolia. Virginia willow, Itea Virginica.