THIS booklet tells you what supplies to keep on your shelves, how to combine them into appetizing, nutritious dishes and how to plan menus using them. Not all the prepared or semi-prepared products on the general market are listed here, but only those articles that can be found practically everywhere. A study of your grocer's shelves will doubtless reveal many other canned foods that will prove valuable time-savers in your own case.

As families differ in their tastes and demands, each of you who read this book will have to choose the supplies that fit your needs and then see that they are always on your pantry shelf.

If, in addition, you check with your pencil several menus (page 14), which you like and find suitable, you will never be at a loss to serve a delicious, well-balanced meal even if called upon at the eleventh hour.

Note: The recipes in this booklet will serve four to six persons.