6 toastwiches.

2 tablespoons Swift'ning for frying.

6 frankfurts.

3/4 cup cheese spread *

12 slices bread 2 eggs.

1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup milk.

Cut frankfurts in half. Slice thinly lengthwise. Use 2 tablespoons cheese spread per sandwich. Spread evenly over 2 slices of bread. Place frankfurt slices on one slice of bread. Top with second slice of bread. Press together. Heat Swift'ning in a heavy skillet. Beat eggs slightly. Add salt and milk. Dip toast-witch into egg-milk mixture. Fry slowly to a golden brown on both sides. Serve hot.

*In place of cheese, may use 1 tablespoon mustard or 2 tablespoons catsup for each toastwich.

Meat Dishes.