Cold Water Icing

One-half cup of water, mix in enough powdered sugar until it will drop from the spoon like a stiff batter. Flavor, spread on the top of the cake and place in a warm oven a few minutes.

Boiled Icing

Boil two cups of granulated sugar and one-half cup of boiling water gently for ten minutes. When it spins into threads from a fork pour the syrup in a thin stream upon the well-beaten whites of two eggs, heating constantly until of right thickness. Add one-half teaspoon of vanilla. Do not stir while cooking.

Frosting No. 1

White of one egg, one cup of powdered sugar, beat white of egg slightly, adding two teaspoons of lemon juice. Add sugar, beat well; the longer it is beaten the better it will be.

Old Time-Frosting No. 2

White of one egg, beaten stiff, add one and one-half cups of sifted powdered sugar, gradually. Beat again. This frosting will be very hard. Flavor.

Chocolate Icing No. 1

Four tablespoons of grated sweet chocolate, two tablespoons of brown sugar, one teaspoon of prepared gum Arabic, three teaspoons of milk; boil briskly ten minutes; do not stir after it boils. Prepared gum Arabic can be had at a druggist's.

Chocolate Icing No. 2

Three grated bars of chocolate, two eggs, one teaspoon of corn starch, two-thirds of a cup of sugar. Put all together, set on the stove, and stir until thick. Spread all over cake.

For chocolate deep cake chop two tablespoons of blanched almonds and add to the frosting. Frost or ice by pouring on the center of cake and spreading with a silver knife dipped in hot water.

Chocolate Frosting

Whites of two eggs, two cups of powdered sugar, four bars of sweet chocolate, grated.

Chocolate Frosting

One cup of granulated sugar, two bars of grated chocolate, one-fourth cup of water; stir all over the fire to a thick, smooth paste.