Baba Au Rhum

One pint of flour, one cake of yeast, ten ounces of sugar, one pound of flour, four eggs, one-half pint of rum, four ounces of butter. Make a batter of the flour, yeast, adding a little salt. When light add the sugar, well beaten eggs and melted butter; beat well. Put in a deep round pan, with a tube to rise. Bake one hour. Heat the rum with two tablespoons of sugar, and pour slowly over the cake till all is absorbed. Mask with melted currant jelly. Have chopped blanched pistachio nuts and almonds and ornament.

Cup Cake

One cup of sugar, a piece of butter size of an egg, one-half cup of milk, two eggs, two cups of flour, flavor to taste, one teaspoon of baking powder. This will make twelve cakes, baked in gem pans.

Citron Cake

Two and one-half cups of sugar, one scant cup of butter, five eggs, one cup of milk, four cups of flour, two teaspoons of baking powder, one and one-half pounds of citron. Cream butter, add sugar, cream again, add the well-beaten yolks and milk, flour, and baking powder ; lastly whites beaten stiff. Have citron finely cut ; butter and line a dish or pan, put in a layer of cake one inch thick, then a layer of citron, until cake material is used up. Bake in moderate over. Or omit citron, and add one-half a grated nutmeg.

Quick Cake

Sift together one and one-half cups of flour and two teaspoons of baking powder. Add one cup of sugar ; beat three eggs and add it to one-half cup of milk, pour into the flour and sugar, stir well, last pour in two heaping tablespoons of melted butter and stir all well. Flavor to taste.

Lemon Wafers

Two cups sugar, one cup of butter, two eggs, one-half teacup of sour milk, one-half teaspoon of soda, lemon essence and flour to roll very thin.

Ice Cream Cake

One-half cup of butter, one and one-half cups of sugar, two cups of flour, one-half cup of milk, white of five eggs, two level teaspoons of baking powder, one-half teaspoon of vanilla extract. Cream the butter, add sugar gradually, then vanilla, milk, and the well-beaten whites ; lastly, stir in quickly and well the flour and baking powder sifted together. Put in four round, small baking pans and bake in moderate oven twenty-five to thirty minutes. When the cakes are cold, make a boiled icing, put part between the layers, and then spread the rest all over the cake.

Porcupine Cake

Beat the whites of five eggs to a stiff froth, and gradually beat in three-fourths of a cup of granulated sugar, after first sifting. Beat the yolks of three eggs very light, and add to the whites and sugar. Add one-half teaspoon of orange extract, and then stir one-half cup of flour (in which one-half teaspoon of cream tartar has been sifted), and mix quickly and well. Bake in a slow oven, in a pan with a tube. Filling : one-half cup of milk, one teaspoon of cornstarch, about one-half cup of sugar, and yolks of two eggs ; flavor with lemon. When the cake is baked fill the cavity, and cover with stiff frosting. Blanch a pound of almonds by pouring boiling water over them, let stand awhile, remove the skins, and when icing is nearly dry stick almonds in top and sides.