That menus and bills of fare sometimes bear names which are too elaborate and detailed can often be noticed. There is really nothing to say against this practise, but it quite frequently happens that secondary things are mentioned and the principal thing is left out Take for instance:

Beef with green Olive Sauce Cauliflower in French Style Potatoes a la Serpentin.

It would be better to say:

Koast Beef, Olive Sauce Creamed Cauliflower, French Fried Spiral Potatoes.

Pork with white Puree of Onions Consomme with cubes of Carrots.

An Improvement would be:

Koast Pork w. Onion Puree (Mashed Onions) Consomme with Carrots.

The secondary designations, "with green," with white, cubes of, etc., are not necessary at all. It is just the same to a guest whether he receives green olive sauce or any other, white puree of onions or colored, cubes of carrots, sliced or whole.