This is an extremely tasty luncheon dish and in summer can also be served for a cold dinner or supper. What a delightful change from just a plain and unadorned slice of cold veal! I always think, somehow, that cold meat, unless it is garnished in some way, looks very cold indeed and very uninviting—even a few sprigs of parsley help to hide its nakedness.


Very thin slices of fillet of veal, preferably of braised veal, freshly made and very stiff mayonnaise dressing, 1 heaped tablespoon of tunny fish, 4 anchovies.


Cut the veal in the thinnest possible slices, and arrange them neatly on a dish. Cover entirely with the following: Pound the tunny fish and anchovies in a mortar into a perfectly smooth paste, and add to the freshly made mayonnaise (see p. 191), which should be highly seasoned and to which 1 heaped tablespoon of French mustard should have been added, and also the same quantity of English mustard.