This is quite an attractive salad to look at and is equally attractive to eat.


Globe artichokes, a bundle of small English asparagus, a French salad dressing as in preceding recipe.


Boil the artichokes in salted water till tender, but not too soft. The way to tell when they are sufficiently cooked is to pull off a leaf or two—if the leaves come off easily the artichoke is cooked. The time varies according to their size. Remove from the water, drain them and put them on a sieve, with their tops downwards, so as to drain off all the water. When quite cold, carefully remove the centre leaves, and with a sharp knife and your fingers, remove all the choke. Fill this cavity with previously boiled cold asparagus, cut in half-inch lengths, using the green part only. Over the asparagus pour a little dressing, and serve the rest of the dressing in a sauceboat.