Eggs Lafayette

Hard boil six eggs, chop them, but not fine. Make a half pint of curry sauce. Put the chopped eggs over a bed of carefully boiled rice, cover with the curry sauce, garnish with strips of Spanish pepper and serve. This dish may be changed by using tomato sauce in place of the curry sauce.

Eggs Jefferson

Select the desired number of good sized tomatoes, allowing one to each person. Cut off the blossom end, scoop out the seeds, stand the tomatoes in a baking pan in the oven until they are partly cooked. Put a half teaspoonful of butter and a dusting of salt and pepper into the bottom of each, and break in one egg. Put these back in the oven until the eggs are "set." Have ready a round of toasted bread for each tomato, stand the tomato in the center of the bread, fill the bottom of the dish with cream sauce, and send to the table.

Eggs Washington

Add a half pint of crab meat to a half pint of cream sauce. Season with salt and pepper. Have ready either bread pates or pates made from puff paste. Put a tablespoonful of the crab mixture in the bottom of each. Break in an egg. Stand in the oven until the egg is "set." Or you may poach the eggs and slide them into the pate. Pour over the remaining quantity of crab meat sauce, and send at once to the table.

Eggs Au Gratin

Make a pint of cream sauce. Hard boil six eggs. Cut them into slices. Put them in the baking dish and cover with the cream sauce. Dust thickly with cheese, and brown quickly in the oven.

Deviled Eggs

Hard boil twelve eggs. Remove the shells. Cut the eggs into halves, crosswise. Take out the yolks without breaking the whites. Press the yolks through a sieve. Add four tablespoonfuls of finely chopped chicken, tongue or ham. Add a half teaspoonful of salt, a saltspoonful of pepper and two tablespoonfuls of melted butter. Rub the mixture. Form it into balls the size of the yolks and put them into the places in the whites from which the yolks were taken. Put two halves together, roll them in tissue paper that has been fringed at the ends, giving each a twist. If these balls are made the size of the yolk, and put back into the whites, they may be placed on a platter, heated, and served on toast, with cream sauce; then they are very much like the eggs Bernhardt.

Eggs A La Tripe

Hard boil eight eggs. Remove the shells, cut eggs crosswise in rather thick slices. Cut three small onions into very thin slices. Separate them into rings, cover them with boiling water and boil rapidly ten minutes; drain, then cover them with fresh water and boil until they are tender; drain again, but save the water. Now mix the eggs and onions carefully, without breaking. Put two level tablespoonfuls of butter and two of flour into a saucepan. Mix. Add a grating of nutmeg, a saltspoonful of black pepper, the juice of a lemon, and a half pint of the water in which the onions were boiled. Bring to the boiling point, add two tablespoonfuls of cream; then add the eggs and onions. When thoroughly hot, dish them in a conical form, garnish with triangular pieces of toast, and serve.

Eggs A L'Aurore

Hard boil six eggs, cut them into halves lengthwise, take out the yolks, keeping them whole. Cut the whites into fine strips. Make a cream sauce. Add to it two tablespoonfuls of finely chopped sardines or finely chopped lobster or crab, a tablespoonful of tarragon vinegar. Add the whites of the eggs, and, when quite hot, add the yolks, without breaking them. Turn this at once into a heated dish, garnish the dish with triangular pieces of toast, and send to the table. Or, if you like, make the sauce, season it and put a layer into the bottom of the baking dish, then a layer of Parmesan cheese, then a layer of the yolks, pressed through a sieve, and so on, alternating, having the last layer of the yolks of the eggs. Dust over a few bread crumbs, put here and there bits of butter, and brown quickly in the oven.

Eggs A La Dauphin

Remove the shells from six hard boiled eggs, cut them into halves, lengthwise, take out the yolks, press them through a sieve. Add four level tablespoonfuls of melted butter, and half a teaspoonful of salt, a grating of nutmeg and two tablespoonfuls of Parmesan cheese. Add half a cupful of cream to a half cupful of sifted bread crumbs. Mix this with the yolks, rub until smooth, then add one well beaten egg, and the yolk of one egg. Cover the bottom of the baking dish with the mixture forming it in a pyramid and cover with the chopped whites. Have ready two extra hard boiled eggs, take out the yolks, press them through a sieve, all over the top. Garnish the edges of the dish with triangular pieces of toasted bread, cover the whole with cream sauce, brown in the oven, and serve at once.

Eggs A La Bennett

6 hard boiled eggs

2 tablespoonfuls of butter

1 teaspoonful of anchovy sauce

1 tablespoonful of finely chopped chives or onion 1/2 cupful of bread crumbs 1/2 teaspoonful of salt

Cut the eggs into halves lengthwise; remove the yolks, rub them with half the butter, salt, onion and anchovy paste. Fill these back into the whites. Cover the bottom of a baking dish with ordinary white sauce, stand in the eggs, put over the bread crumbs, baste them with the remaining butter, melted, and stand in the oven long enough to brown.

Eggs Broulli

Beat four eggs. Add to them four tablespoonfuls of stock, four tablespoonfuls of cream, a saltspoonful of salt and half a saltspoonful of pepper. Turn them into a saucepan, stand in a pan of hot water, stir with an egg beater until they are thick and jellylike. Turn at once into a heated dish, garnish with toast and send to the table.

Scalloped Eggs

4 hard boiled eggs 2 tablespoonfuls of butter 2 level tablespoonfuls of flour 1/2 pint of milk 1 cupful of finely chopped cold cooked chicken or fish 1 teaspoonful of salt 1 saltspoonful of pepper