Never tire of congratulating yourselves, Philadelphians, on your markets ; in which nearly everything for your bounteous larders is got under the cool shadow of one roof.

Here, too, you find under one roof, and on one floor, almost everything that people in other cities have to go for, in all weathers, from store to store, and from street to street. Did you ever think how much extra you could afford to pay for goods for such handiness of getting them ?

And as you get good butter and fresh vegetables in the markets—good and fresh above the goodness and freshness known in most cities, New York for example—so here you get the best things in the whole world, if you like; in silks, dress-goods,bonnets, shoes, gloves, shirts; in short, in almost everything you deck your persons or furnish your homes with; and when you find our price for anything higher than somebody else's, let us know!

Our house is too big to be fine, and our visitors too many to be select; it is a big everybody's house ; there are everybody's goods in it; and yours, no matter whether your purse is heavy or light. We welcome you all; we provide for you all; and we do not mean to provide meanly or thinly, or any way but bountifully.

The test of a merchant is, how big and how true a dollar's worth does he give ?


Chestnut, Thirteenth and Market Streets, and City Hall Square.