Lyonnaise Potatoes

Slice half-pound of cold potatoes; put butter, about the size of an egg, into a saucepan ; when hot, throw in two ounces of onion, minced fine; fry a light color; add the potatoes, turning them until they are thoroughly heated and a bright color; then mix in minced parsley. The potato slices should be merely moistened with butter. Serve hot.

Potato Chips

Peel and slice some potatoes very thin, and wash and drain them dry; have plenty of lard in the pan, and when boiling hot, put the potatoes in and fry a light brown; take them out and drain them on a wire sieve, and serve hot. Strain the fat, and keep it for another time.

Baked Tomatoes

Take large firm tomatoes, cut out the stems; make a dressing of bread-crumbs, some chopped onion, pepper and salt, a good sized lump of butter—mix well together—add sweet marjoram, and fill the tomatoes with the dressing; put some butter in a pan, place them in it, and put them in the oven, and cook half an hour, or until they are soft, but not broken. Serve on a hot dish, with the gravy from the pan over them.

Stewed Mushrooms

Select fresh mushrooms. To test if they are good, drop a silver spoon in the saucepan while they are cooking ; if right, the spoon is untarnished—if not, it becomes blackened. Put them into a saucepan with salt and pepper, and a very little water; let them simmer slowly; when nearly done, add a good lump of butter and a small quantity of cream. Serve hot.

To Boil Cauliflowers

Select such cauliflowers as are compact and white; pick off the decayed leaves, and cut the stalk off flat at the bottom; then put them, with the heads downwards, in strong salt and water for an hour, to remove all the insects. Drain them in a cullender, and put them into a saucepan with plenty of boiling water; keep the pan uncovered, and boil them quickly until tender—about twenty minutes. Skim the water clean, and when done take them up with a slicer, and serve with a cream sauce—(a drawn butter made with cream, instead of water.) Don't put in the butter until you are ready to serve, for it will curdle.

To Boil Jerusalem Artichokes

Wash the artichokes very clean; peel and cut them round; put them in a saucepan of cold water, with salt. They will take about twenty minutes from the time the water boils to become tender. When done, drain them and serve with white sauce or melted butter poured over them.

Egg - Plant

Slice the egg-plant an eighth of an inch in thickness, pare, and sprinkle salt over it an hour before cooking; press, so as to drain off all the water. Beat up the yolk of an egg, dip the slices first in the egg and then in cracker-dust; have the lard very hot, and fry them a nice brown.

Or, cut them very thin, pare and sprinkle salt over them, and press as above, and fry a nice brown in plenty of hot lard. Serve at once.

Boiled Hominy

Wash and soak the hominy over night. Early the next morning, put it on to cook in plenty of water, with a little salt. It absorbs, like rice, much water, and must be cooked with care, and be perfectly white and soft. When quite done, stir in some new milk and butter, and let it stew for ten minutes. Serve hot.