Bring honey to boiling point, pour slowly, while beating constantly, onto egg yolks, beaten until thick and lemon colored. Cook one minute, remove from fire, and stir occasionally until cool. Add salt, paprika, lemon juice, and cream beaten until stiff. Moisten cheese with two tablespoonfuls cream, shape like strawberries, using buttered hands, and sprinkle with paprika. Arrange cheese and strawberries on lettuce and pour honey dressing around them.

Strawberry Salad No. 2

1 head chicory.

A few chopped pistachio nuts.

1 box large strawberries.

cream mayonnaise 6 slices pineapple (canned)

Wash chicory and crisp in ice-water. Wash and hull berries; let stand in refrigerator until cold. Arrange chicory on individual plates, placing a slice of pineapple in the center of each. Cover pineapple with berries; top with cream mayonnaise, garnish with nuts.