Individual Peach Pudding

Allow half a canned peach for each individual pudding dish. Make a batter by pressing through a colander two extra peach halves, adding a well-beaten egg-yolk, quarter cupful of milk, two tablespoonfuls melted butter, pinch of salt, three-fourths cupful of flour and one teaspoonful of baking powder.

Beat well and fold in beaten white of egg. Put a little of this batter in the bottom of a buttered dish, lay on a half peach, cover with two tablespoonfuls of the batter and sprinkle with granulated sugar. Put in a moderate oven and bake for twenty minutes.

Serve in molds with a spoonful of hard sauce on each, or turn from molds and serve with plain cream.

Peach Rice Pudding

1 quart of milk.

1 tablespoonful of butter.

1/2 cupful of rice.

1 teaspoonful lemon extract.

1/2 teaspoonful of salt.

Canned sliced peaches whipped cream, sweetened and flavored.

3 tablespoonfuls of sugar.

Wash the rice well, add the milk, sugar, butter and salt. Bake in a moderate oven until the rice is soft and creamy. Flavor with the extract, and cool before using. Place the pudding in individual dessert dishes, garnish with sliced peaches and heap the whipped cream on top.

Peach Sponge

The sponge cake to be used in this manner may be either fresh or stale. Cut the cake with a sharp knife into slices and place in individual sherbert glasses. Pour over each piece of cake a few spoonfuls of peach juice and a half peach to each glass. Cover with whipped cream, slightly sweetened and flavored with bitter almond.

Golden Peach Pudding

Fill a pudding dish with whole peeled peaches and pour over them two cupfuls of water. Cover closely and bake until peaches are tender, then drain off the juice from the peaches and let it stand until cool. Add to the juice one pint sweet milk, four well-beaten eggs, a small cup of flour with one teaspoonful baking powder mixed in it, one cupful sugar, one tablespoonful melted butter and a little salt. Beat well three or four minutes, then pour over peaches in dish. Bake in the dish until a rich brown and serve with milk.

Peach Bread Pudding

On a pint of fine stale bread or cracker crumbs pour boiling water and stir in a tablespoonful of melted butter. After standing till thoroughly-soaked, add two well-beaten eggs and half a cupful of sugar. On the bottom of a buttered pudding dish put a thin layer of this batter, over it a layer of sliced peaches and so on, dredging each layer of peaches with sugar, until the dish is full, having batter at the top. Bake in a moderate oven about an hour.

Peach Steamed Pudding

1 cupful flour.

2 tablespoonfuls lemon juice 1/4 teaspoonful salt.

1 cupful sugar.

2 cupfuls fine bread crumbs.

2 cupfuls peaches 1/2 cupful chopped nuts.

3 eggs.

Mix all the dry ingredients, add beaten eggs, lemon-juice and peaches. Beat well. Pour into buttered molds and steam two hours. Serve with cream.