A New Peach Pie

6 medium sized peaches.

1/3 cupful flour.

1/2 cupful butter.

4 tablespoonfuls water.

1 cupful sugar.

Few grains nutmeg flaky pastry.

Line a deep pie plate with pastry, sprinkle the bottom with one-half of a crumb-like mixture made by rubbing together the butter, sugar and flour. Lay on this the halved peaches, cut side down; add the nutmeg and water, sprinkle on the remaining crumbs and bake thirty minutes in a hot oven.

Peach Pie

Cover a pie plate with plain pastry and cut enough fresh or canned peaches in halves to cover it. Pour in a little of the juice, and then fill up with sour cream; sprinkle sugar over it generously; lay strips of the pie crust across it and bake slowly.

Deep Peach Pie

Line a deep pie dish with rich pie paste, and on this put canned peaches with the hollow side up. In each hollow put a bit of butter and a spoonful of sugar. Thicken the juice from the canned peaches with a little cornstarch and turn over the halves. Bake until the crust is brown and the peaches very tender. Serve cold with plain cream.