Orange Snow Pudding

1/2 box gelatin.

3 eggs.

1/2 cupful cold water.

3 tablespoonfuls sugar.

2 cupfuls boiling water.

1/2 saltspoonful salt.

1 cupful sugar.

1 pint hot milk.

Juice 1 lemon grated rind 1 orange.

Cover gelatin with the cold water. When softened, add the boiling water, one cupful sugar and the juice of the lemon, stir until dissolved, strain and set aside to cool. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, stir them into the gelatin mixture when it begins to thicken and beat to a stiff white foam. Turn into a ring mold and put on ice for several hours. Make a custard with the well beaten yolks of eggs, the three tablespoonfuls of sugar and salt, add gradually the hot milk and the grated rind of the orange. Cook in double boiler until the custard coats the spoon, then strain. Fill the gelatin ring with sliced oranges and pour the custard over.

Baked Orange Souffle Pudding

Beat one-fourth of a cupful of butter to a cream; add gradually one-fourth cupful of sugar, then the well-beaten yolks of two eggs and half a cupful of flour sifted with one level teaspoonful of baking powder; lastly, add the whites of two eggs beaten to a stiff froth. Bake in a shallow pan.

Mix four level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch with one cupful of sugar and one-fourth teaspoonful of salt; pour over this one cupful of orange juice and the juice of a lemon scalding hot; let cook over the fire until the mixture boils, then over hot water ten minutes; add one egg beaten very light without separating, and, when the egg is cooked, pour over the cake. Beat the whites of three eggs until dry, then beat in gradually four tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar, fold in three tablespoonfuls of sugar, and spread upon the cake and custard. Brown delicately in a slow oven. It will take about eight minutes.

Carefully boil, for a minute, a few pieces of orange peel with the milk and rice. Beat egg yolks with the sugar and salt, remove the orange peel, add sugar mixture and stir until thickened. Then remove from the heat and chill. Just before serving beat the egg whites stiff with a dash of salt, a tablespoonful of powdered sugar and a little orange juice. Pile on the custard and sprinkle lightly with candied orange peel.

Put in a double boiler one well-beaten egg yolk, one tablespoonful of sugar, a quarter of a cupful of.

Orange Bread Pudding (Single Portion)

Soak half a cupful of stale bread crumbs in a quarter of a cupful of milk until soft, beating lightly with fork; add the grated rind and juice of an orange and sweeten to taste. Whip the white of an egg very light and add it to this mixture; pour into a custard cup, set in a pan of water, and bake until firm.

Delicious Orange Pudding

Cover two small oranges, peeled and cut in bits, with three-quarters cupful sugar. Let stand for at least one hour. Prepare a very thick cream by scalding in a double boiler one and one-half cupfuls milk, three-eighths cupful sugar and pinch of salt, thickening with three heaping teaspoonfuls flour mixed smoothly with the yolk of one egg and sufficient cold milk or water to moisten. Cook for five minutes or longer. When cream is cold combine the two mixtures and cover the top with a meringue made as follows: White of one egg, one tablespoonful of cold water, one-third teaspoonful of baking powder, a few grains of salt, beaten to a stiff froth with silver fork. Add two tablespoonfuls sugar and beat again until it will stand alone. Brown in a slow oven. Serve cold.