Put one quart of apricots through a colander, add the same amount of water, the yolks of four eggs well beaten, sugar enough to make sweet, one pint of cream and then the stiffly-beaten whites of the eggs. Mix together and freeze.

Apricot Ice For An Invalid

Into a pound baking powder can with tight seams place one-fourth cupful of apricot juice, one-third of a cupful of water and two teaspoonfuls of lemon juice. Sweeten with two tablespoonfuls of syrup made by cooking together for ten minutes equal quantities of sugar and water. Strained and bottled this gives a ripe flavor which the raw sugar lacks. Ice creams for an invalid should be made of pure, thin cream, flavored. The cooked custard creams are not so easily digested. To freeze, place the can in a larger kettle and surround with three cups of ice to every cup of salt. Be sure the mixture reaches the height of the liquid to be frozen. Twirl the can for about fifteen minutes, and serve immediately. The whole operation should take only one-half hour.