Perfect for one.

First, take 2 big ranch eggs. Get out 2 medium-sized bowls. Separate the whites and yolks, putting the whites into one bowl, the yolks into the other.

Put a pinch of salt into the yolks, also 1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar, and 4 teaspoons cream. Beat whites till very stiff, but not dry, accomplishing this with a Dover egg beater. Shake as much egg whites as you can off the beater.

Next, (without washing the beater,) beat yolks only until frothy and well mixed.

Add the yolks to the whites.

Take a tablespoon and fold in carefully.

Into two 8 inch, thin frying pans, put 1 tablespoon butter in each and let it melt. Tip each pan around as the butter melts, so it thoroughly coats the floor of it and all sides, clear to the top.

Set one pan aside.

Pour your mixture into the first prepared pan. Let cook—uncovered—over lowest heat. When it is set (in about 5 minutes), put other pan over heat. Then take a spatula and go all around the pan between the omelette and the pan, and loosen the edge.

Peek under, and if bottom is brown, flip the pan with the omelette in it directly over the other one, and the omelette drops into it.

Now, once again, let the omelette cook—unlidded—over the lowest fire until it is set in the middle (another five minutes), after which time loosen once again around the edge, turn it out on a heated plate, and serve with 2 melting pats of butter on top of your golden omelette. Cooking it in this way, is both tricky and difficult, but the result is well worth the trouble. You are rewarded with a puffy, buttery omelette, miraculously toast-brown on both sides.

A popular treat at the Little Mermaid, Solvang, California.

A popular treat at the Little Mermaid, Solvang, California, is a delicate omelette. The recipe, originating from Denmark follows:

Little Mermaid Omelette.

Accompany with whole wheat toast, more butter, fresh raspberry jam, and coffee.