Currant-Jelly Water

Dissolve a teaspoon-ful of currant-jelly in a goblet of cold water, and add one cake of cut sugar.

Currant Water

Simmer gently for ten minutes a pint of fresh-picked currants in a quart of water, add a heaping tablespoonful of powdered sugar, and, when cold, strain. There is a little economy in adding the sugar after the juice is strained.

" Out upon the nonsense of taking medicine and nostrums during the currant season ! Let it be taught at theological seminaries that the currant is a 1 means of grace.' It is a corrective, and that is what average humanity most needs." E. P. Roe, in " The Home Acre."

Apple Water

Mash two baked apples with a fork, and pour over them a pint of boiling water; when cool strain and sweeten to taste.

A Glass of Cold Water in the morning before breakfast will, in many persons, produce the same effect as mineral waters.