Frappe Champagne renders important service in irritable states of the stomach, especially in sea-sickness, vomiting of pregnancy, yellow-fever, cholera morbus, and cholera. To produce frappe champagne quickly, proceed as follows : Put into a metal wine-cooler, or any other metal receptacle, a bottle of dry champagne, surround it with alternate layers of rock salt and cracked ice, place the cooler on the hot range, and the rapid melting of the ice will solidify the wine in five minutes ; if allowed to remain a longer period the wine will become solid, and refuse to leave its glassy prison.

When we take into consideration the fact that by the old method of revolving the wine in its icy walls, a period of thirty minutes is required to frappe it, the above phenomenal method of producing the desired result will be appreciated.

Sparkling wines, as a rule, are more sedative to the stomach, and more intoxicating relatively to their alcoholic strength than still wines.

Sweet champagnes contain a vast quantity of unappropriated sugar. When such wines are used they produce acid fermentation, and acidity with headache quite naturally follows.

Agents of sweet champagnes wear out their vocal chords telling their patrons to serve wines as cold as possible ; in this way the sugar is not easily detected, and a large sale of particular brands is the result. But let me warn my readers who use champagne that a fine dry champagne is almost ruined by the low temperature at which it is usually served at restaurants, receptions, etc. A very cold champagne is a dangerous tipple for even a healthy stomach, especially near bedtime.

Wine Whey

Boil a pint of sweet milk and add half a gill of sherry. Let it simmer for fifteen minutes, skim off the curd, add a gill of sherry, and remove curd as it rises. Straining may be necessary to remove the curd entirely. Sweeten.


Scald half a pint of milk ; when cold add one egg well beaten, two teaspoonfuls of sugar, and a tablespoonful of choice brandy. Shake or beat the mixture with a fork. This formula is only intended for invalids, and is not the recipe used in cafes.

Sherry And Egg

Beat up one egg thoroughly, add a teaspoonful of sugar, and a wine glass full of dry sherry.