The whites of two eggs, one cup of powdered sugar. Break the whites in a broad cold dish, throw in a little sugar on the eggs and beat with slow steady strokes with Dover beater or wire spoon. Add the sugar by degrees while beating until it is all used. Continue until it is smooth and firm. If not stiff enough add more sugar. If flavored with lemon juice allow more sugar. Pour on the center of the cake and spread with a knife dipped in cold water. Dry in the sun or in a moderate oven. To color the icing pink use cranberry juice. Lemon or orange rind grated and squeezed with a little of the juice through a cloth will color yellow. A little flour may be sprinkled over the cake before it is iced, if the surface is not smooth.


To please children bake little cakes; frost them, and when dry dip a brush in yolk of egg and write a name or word.

Boiled Frosting

Put a teacupful of sugar, one-quarter of a cupful of water in a saucepan, stir until dissolved, then boil until it will spin a thread. Pour slowly into the whites of two eggs, beaten to a froth. Beat until thick and flavor to taste.

Chocolate Frosting

Melt two tablespoonfuls of Huyler's chocolate in the oven or over the teakettle and add to the syrup before pouring it over the egg. Flavor with one teaspoonful of vanilla.