Use five squares of Huyler's chocolate cut fine, three table-spoonfuls of granulated sugar, three tablespoonfuls of hot water, one-quarter of a salt spoon of LeRoy salt, one cup of milk, one of cream heated in boiler. Beat until smooth (chocolate), add gradually one pint of boiling water. Serve.

Note.—The chocolate served at a certain New York table has achieved a reputation among the partakers of the family's hospitality for its unusual richness and flavor. It is compounded by the eldest daughter, who attributes its excellence to the fact that it is made hours befope it is served. Piain, unsweetened chocolate is used, a half pound cake for ten cups. This is broken up and slowly dissolved in warm water, whose heat is slowly increased. When the boiling point is reached, it is allowed to boil fifteen minutes. It is left in the porcelain or earthenware vessel in which it is cooked for several hours, closely covered and standing on some warm but not hot part of the range. Finally it is hot.

Mrs. Heady.