Layer Cake, No. 1

One and one-half cup of 0 sugar or one cup of granulated sugar, one large tablespoonful of butter, the yolks of three eggs, the whites of two eggs, one and a half cups of sweet milk, two teaspoonfuls of Cleveland's baking powder, two cups of flour. Cream the butter and sugar, then add yolks and whites beaten separately, then the milk. Put the baking powder in flour and sift three or four times, then add flour, and flavor to suit. Clara.

Layer Cake, No. 2

One cup of sugar, one-quarter of a cup of butter, two eggs, one-half cup of sweet milk, one teaspoonful of cream tartar, one-half teaspoonful of soda, one and one-half cups of flour. Sara.

Black Chocolate Cake

Custard—one-half cup chocolate, yolk of one egg, one-half cup of milk. Cook the above until thick. One cup sugar, butter size of an egg, one egg, one and one-half cups flour, teaspoonful soda, one-half cup sour milk. Whe/i the custard is about cold, stir into the cake and bake in two layers Filling two cups of granulated sugar, dissolve in water and cook till it threads. Have the white of an egg beaten stiff, add the sugar, a little at a time, beating constantly. Beat until cold. Sara.

Ivory Cake

One-half cup butter, one and one-half cups sugar, two eggs, one cup sour milk, three cups flour, two cups raisins (seeded), teaspoonful cinnamon, one-half teaspoonful cloves, a little nutmeg, one teaspoonful soda. Bake one hour.


Blackberry Cake

One cup granulated sugar, three-fourths cup of butter and lard, three eggs, three tablespoonfuls buttermilk, one small teaspoonful soda, two cups sifted flour, one teaspoonful cloves and cinnamon, one cup canned berries. Bake in layers with frosting between. Polly.

Federal Cake

One pound flour, one pound sugar, one-half pound butter, four eggs, one cup sour milk, one glass of wine or brandy, one pound of raisins, one nutmeg, one teaspoonful of soda.

Mrs. Collier.

Madison Cake

Two pounds flour, two pounds sugar, two pounds raisins, two pounds currants, one ounce citron, two nutmegs, one and one-half pounds butter, one pint milk, twelve eggs, two teaspoonfuls soda; cloves and cinnamon to taste.

Mrs. Dewey.

Composition Cake

One and three-fourths pounds flour, one and one-fourth pounds sugar, three-fourths pound butter, two or three pounds fruit, five eggs, one pint milk, one teaspoonful soda, spice to taste. Mrs. Dewey.

Lemon Sponge Cake

The weight of twelve eggs in granulated sugar and half the weight in flour; the grated rind of two lemons and the juice of one, a pinch of LeKoy salt to be put in the whites of the eggs before beating. Bake in a moderate oven fifty minutes. This quantitv makes two loaves in bars. Mrs. Bunn.

Sponge Cake

Ten eggs, two and one-half cups of sugar, two and one-half cups of pastry flour, the juice and grated rind of one lemon; beat the yolks and sugar together until very light, add the lemon. Beat the whites to a stiff froth; stir the flour and this froth alternately into the beaten yolk and sugar. Have the batter about three inches deep in the pan, sprinkle with sugar and bake three-quarters of an hour in a moderate oven. If the batter is not so deep in the pan it will not take so long. Mrs. Bunn.