How To Pickle Beef And Tongue (Very Good)

Two gallons water, 3 pounds salt, 1 ounce of saltpetre, 1 pound of sugar or 1 pint of molasses. Boil all together, skim and pour over the meat when cold.

Persian Stew

Two pounds of meat, fat and lean together, cut into small bits, 2 medium sized onions chopped, put all into a kettle with 1/2 cup of cold water, set over a hot fire and stir frequently until the meat and onions are well browned. If in danger of burning add a spoonful of water from time to time. When well browned add 1/4 can of tomatoes, salt, pepper, (cayenne is best) and 2 quarts or more of hot water. Set the kettle back where it will stew slowly but constantly for at least two hours. Half an hour before serving pour in 1/2 cup of uncooked rice. Should it dry away too much add a little water. Any kind of meat can be used, but the best stew is made from mutton or veal.

Pickle For Beef Or Tongue (Old)

Six pounds of salt, 1 1/2 ounzes of saltpetre, pounds of brown sugar, for 100 pounds of meat. Water sufficient to cover. Put the meat in weak salt and water over night, drain thoroughly in the morning and pack in a tub, or a sugar barrel is better, and cover with the prepared brine. Water fresh from the well with the sugar, salt, and saltpetre thoroughly stirred in and dissolved, then add as much water as necessary to cover.

Stewed Chicken

Take a good sized chicken, cut it up, put it to cook, after skimming add pepper and salt to taste, when nearly done add one cup of butter, when done take milk or Cream with enough flour to make plenty of gravy, have some nice baking powder biscuit hot, break in two or three pieces and pour the gravy over-we think it nice.

Roast Turkey - New Style. South Ch. Cook Book

After drawing the turkey rinse with several waters and in next to the last mix a teaspoon of soda. Fill the body well with soda water, shake well, empty, rinse in fair water. Then prepare a dressing of bread crumbs mixed with butter, pepper, salt and such sweet herbs as you like wet with either milk or water. Add, if you choose, the beaten yolks of two eggs. Some like oysters chopped and put in the dresssing. Stuff the craw and body and sew up with a strong thread; dredge with flour and rub with salt, and place a buttered paper over it to prevent its browning too soon. Baste often and roast from four to five hours according to size. The giblets may be cooked separately and chopped to be added to the gravy.

Roast Turkey. Old Style

A large turkey dressed and stuffed with bread crumbs, seasoned with salt pork, sage, and whole cloves. This was then hung before an open wood fire with a pan under to catch the drip. Cook from three to five hours according to the size of the turkey, basting and turning every little while. "Never was anything half so nice as turkeys, chickens and geese roasted in this way."