Three eggs beaten separately, 1/2 cup milk, 2 tablespoons corn-starch, a little salt, a small half teaspoonful baking powder. Mix quickly adding the whites last, and pour into a moderately hot skiliet in which is plenty of butter. Cover and set on back of the stove as it scorches quickly. When done fold together and serve on hot platter.


Four eggs beaten separately, 1/2 teacup sweet milk, 1 teaspoon flour, pepper and salt. Fry in butter.


Beat the whites of 6 eggs to a stiff froth, seasoning as for omelette, and pour into a buttered baking pan. Pour on the froth (at equal distances) six tablespoons of Cream. Then drop into each depression made by the cream, a yolk of egg, whole. Bake in good oven, and serve hot.

A Very Delicate Omelette

Six eggs, the whites beaten to a stiff froth and the yolks well beaten. A teacup full of warm milk, with a tablespoonful of butter melted in it. A tablespoonful of flour, wet to a paste with a little of the milk, and poured to the milk. A teaspoon of salt an a little pepper. Mix all except the whites, add those last; bake immediately in a deep, round dish, or tin cake pan. Some like a little onion and parsley, chopped fine, and very fine chopped ham, or dried beef stirred through the omelette, before the whites of the eggs are added. Leave the omelette in the oven, till brought to the table in the pan it is baked in ; it should be eaten immediately. Do not have the oven too hot and be careful that it does not bake too fast on top. It requires about 15 minutes to cook it thorough properly. Eat it with butter.