Considerations of space forbid any attempt to detail Leonardo's drawings.

For a critical catalogue of those relating to his work as an artist I would refer to Mr. Berenson's book on " The Drawings of the Florentine Painters."

The largest collection by far is that in the Royal Library at Windsor Castle, a hundred drawings from which have been reproduced among the Grosvenor Gallery publications, and others have been photographed by Braun.

Next in importance are the collections of the Louvre, the British Museum, the Uffizi, the Venice Academy and the Royal Library at Turin. Those at Turin, which include the only indisputable portrait of Leonardo by himself, have been reproduced by Signor Pietro Carlevaris. The others have been photographed by Braun, and in the case of those in the Uffizi and at Venice, also by Alinari and Brogi, and Alinari and Anderson respectively. There are also drawings at Oxford, in the Library of Christ Church (reproduced among the publications of the Grosvenor Gallery), and in the University Galleries, at Buda-Pesth (Braun), in the collection of M. Bonnat at Paris (Braun), at Chantilly (Braun), at Cologne, and in London at Dorchester House, and in the collection of Dr. Mond.

Many others are to be found in his manuscripts, unconnected with the text, and associated with his work as an artist.

The Manuscripts

The manuscripts are:

The Codice Atlantico, in the Ambrosiana at Milan, published by the Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, 1894. In progress.

The MSS. of the Library of the Institut de France, including two from the Ashburnham Collection, edited by C. Ravaisson-Mollien. In 6 vols. Paris, 1880-1891.

The MS. in the Library of Prince Trivulzio, Milan, edited by L. Beltrami. Milan, 1892.

Treatise on the Flight of Birds. Piumati and Sabachnikoff. Paris, 1893.

Treatise on Painting, reconstituted from MSS. Best edition. H. Ludwig, Vienna, 1882.

The MSS. of the Royal Library at Windsor. Dell' Anatomia. Fogli A. Piumati and Sabachnikoff, introd. Mathias Duval. Paris, 1898. Fogli B. Turin, 1901. In progress.

(Facsimiles of the Windsor MSS. without transliteration have been issued by Rouveyre, of Paris, in 22 vols. 1901.)

Three volumes of MSS. in the Forster Collection at South Kensington. (Facsimiles of these have been issued by Rouveyre.)

The MS. in the British Museum (Arundel 263). Treatise on the Nature, Weight and Motion of Water, in the Library of the Earl of Leicester, Holkham Hall, Norfolk. The last two are as yet unpublished.