James H. Harris,


W. Cratson Urker.

Deputy warden.,

(United States Jail, January ..6th,............)

This is to certify that Mr. Harry Houdini. at the United Statee Jail today, was stripped stark naked, thoroughly searched, and locked up in cell No. 2 of the South Wing,--the cell in which Charles J, Guiteau, the assassinator of President Garfield, was confined during hie incarceration, from the date of his commitment, July 2nd, l88l, until the day on which he was executed, June 30th, 1882. l*r, Houdini, in about two minutes, managed to escape from that cell, and then broke into the cell in which his clothing was locked-up. He then proceeded to release from their cells all the prisoners on the ground floor. There was positlvely no chance for any confederacy or collusion, ft Mr, Houdini accomplished all of the above-mentioned facts, in addition to putting on all his clothing, in twenty-one minutes.

Warden United States Jail, D. C.

Warden United States Jail, D. C.