If it should also be the means of reviving stereoscopic work in the direction of Nature Photography I shall be highly gratified.

The illustrations have been selected from a very large number in my collection, and every one has been photographed direct from Nature by myself. The stereoscopic ones should, of course, be seen through a stereoscope.

I desire to express my heartiest thanks to all those friends who have assisted me by finding subjects, acquainted me with the whereabouts of curious nests, or helped in other ways.

My thanks are specially due to Mr. J. Ade, Mr. W. Wratten, Mr. W. A. Alderton, Mr. J. S. Forbes, Mr. J. E. A. Gwynne, J.P., Major H. P, Molineux, J.P., and Colonel H. Finn for permission to take photographs on their respective estates; also to my friend Mr. E. J. Bunnett, M.A., for kindly reading through the proof sheets.

If the perusal of the following pages should be the means of inducing some persons to use the camera instead of the gun, and should also cause them to take a greater interest in our Wild Life, the purpose I had in view will have been accomplished.

E. J. B.

Eastbourne, June 1909.