The boys of the party are invited to participate in a friendly competition by writing a descriptive essay of the tour. A committee of three has been appointed, who will examine all papers. The boy writing the best will be presented with an autographed photograph of President Roosevelt, neatly framed, with the letter accompanying the picture.

The terms and conditions of the contest are:

(i) Open to boys between the ages of 14 and 19 years of age inclusive. (2) Must be written by hand in black ink, on paper 8x11 inches, leaving a margin of one inch at left. Use only one side of paper. (3) Not less than 800 or more than 1200 words. (4) To be written as if it is to be published in a magazine. (5) Spelling, punctuation and neatness will be considered. (6) Include statement of each place visited. (7) Draw simple outline map of the route and mark places visited (see map on announcement). (8) Each essay must have mark or nom-de-plume on same. Also in a sealed envelope your name and address, with your mark or nom-de-plume on the outside. (9) Essay must be in hands of the committee not later than May 1. (10) The committee reserves the right not to award the picture unless the majority of the boys take part in the competition.

Study the history of Virginia and Washington so as to better enjoy the tour and be prepared to take part in the competition. Good books may be secured from your public and school libraries. The following may be suggestive:

Century Book for Young Americans, Eldridge Brooks.

Among the Law Makers, Edmund Alton.

History of Virginia, R. B. Smithey.

Virginia, A History of the people, John E. Cooke.

Washington, the Capital City, Rufus R. Wilson.

The Standard Guide of Washington, Charles B. Reynolds.

Pictorial Guide to Washington, published by Rand, McNally & Co.