THE Barnet Book of Photography has come to be recognised as a standard work. Its clear and concise instructions have made it a useful and practical guide to thousands of photographic workers, and, since first published in 1898, it has passed through several large editions which have met with an altogether unprecedented sale, until with 1905 it has again become necessary to reprint.

Although from time to time the articles and illustrations have been carefully revised and brought up to date, the production of the present edition has been taken advantage of to have the whole Book rewritten; new subjects have been introduced as the progress of photography required, so that the Eighth Edition of the Barnet Book is not a mere substitute for previous editions now out of print, nor a revision, but constitutes an entirely new work.

We desire no monopoly, but are content with that measure of support which uniform good quality and fair prices must secure, and the record of the past leaves no room to doubt that our endeavours have been appreciated, and should, moreover, be a guarantee that the photographer of whatsoever rank can at all times confidently look to us for the material means of realising his Photographic Ideals, and for practical guidance in difficulties arising in the course of his Photographic Practice.