A full-length portrait of Henry Clay, executed by Jno. Nagle in 1843 and purchased for $1,500, hangs on the wall above the eastern staircase. To the right and left, respectively, are portraits of Gunning Bedford of Delaware and of Charles Carroll, the signer of the Declaration of Independence. When Hancock asked the latter if he would sign, he answered : " Most willingly," and taking a pen, at once put his name to the instrument. "There go a few millions," said one of those who stood by; and all present agreed that in point of fortune few risked more than Charles Carroll of Carrollton. At the time of the purchase of the picture, in 1868, Mr. John B. Latrobe and Mr. John Robertson, an artist of Baltimore, wrote letters giving a brief history of it and certifying to its artistic merits and authenticity as one of Sully's. One thousand dollars was paid for it.