Russell Sturgis, A.M., Ph.D., F.A.I.A.

President of the Fine Arts Federation of Neiv York; Post-President of tbe Architectural League of New York; Pice-President of tbe National Sculpture Society ; etc.

8vo. Illustrated. $4.00


" To the literature of architecture no American is better qualified to make a contribution of lasting value than Mr. Russell Sturgis."

The Architects' And Builders' Review

" Mr. Sturgis tells his readers exactly what the purpose of his book is, and raises no expectations that are not fully realized. ... It cannot be too widely known or too carefully studied. . . . Nothing Mr. Sturgis can say on the subject of architecture can fail to be interesting and instructive. . . . It is not too much to say that this single work forms the best introduction to the serious study of European architecture ever published."

The Independent

"In Mr. Sturgis's 'European Architecture' rare good taste, simple truth, and great knowledge combine to satisfy eye and mind."

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