By Charles Herbert Moore

Second Edition, Rewritten and Enlarged. With Ten Plates in Photogravure and more than 200 Illustrations in the Text

8vo. Cloth. $4.50, net

The new edition embodies a large amount of fresh material gathered at first hand from the monuments. A considerable number of early Gothic buildings of great importance, hitherto little known, have been examined ; and much new light has thus been thrown upon the interesting subject of the early Gothic development. A new chapter on the sources of Gothic art has been inserted ; the other chapters have been rewritten and much new matter incorporated. The work is thus much improved both as an exposition of the nature and character of Gothic art, and a comparative illustration of the various pointed systems of the Middle Ages.

Many new illustrations in the text, and a considerable number of full-page plates, executed in the best manner of photographic reproduction, will be included.

The Nation says of the new edition :

"The treatise has evidently been remade from beginning to end, the old material being retained only so far as it was found to meet entirely the new demands.

"As to the illustrations, they also have been minutely reconsidered, and the improvement in this respect is even more striking than in the text. . . .

"Those who have found the first edition of Mr. Moore's work valuable will find it still more important to possess the second."

" We welcome Mr. Moore's book with unalloyed satisfaction ... as of very great importance and value. ... A book so comprehensive, so compact, so clear in statement, and so interesting in the treatment of its great subject is well suited not only to increase the general knowledge of Gothic architecture, but to become a text-book for special students." American Architect and Building News.

" It is without question the most noteworthy work upon architecture yet written in America, as well as by one of the foremost contributors to the literature of the subject which has appeared in any country. . . .

" Mr. Moore's book is an honor to American scholarship and investigation, and deserves the widest circulation among readers who possess any interest in what he succeeds in making a most interesting subject." Boston Daily Advertiser.

" While the more appreciative readers of this volume will be found among students of architecture, no reader of taste or culture will find its pages without interest."

The Transcript, Boston.

" A very intelligent and sufficiently lucid discussion of fundamental principles . . . distinguished by a clear, logical precision of statement, and by a boldness, and not unfrequently by an originality of deduction, such as cannot be found in the works of European scholars . . . lucid enough to commend themselves even to readers unfamiliar with the technical side of the subject. To such readers, also, the orderly development of the argument, the frequent, graphic illustrations, . . . and above all, the exhaustive index, cannot fail to serve at once as an invitation to enter upon a charming field of study, and an inducement to stay until the last words are said."

The Atlantic Monthly.

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