Occasionally the middle ear is the seat of various morbid growths, either of a wart-like character, or as small-stalked tumours, causing complete or partial deafness, in accordance with the occluding area involved.

Surgical treatment is necessary, excepting in the case of a single-stalked growth (polypus), around which a thin piece of twine or wire can be fixed. It will then slough off.


These are chiefly accumulations of wax within the ear, and should be removed first by softening with a little warm almond oil and then syringing with weak spirit and tepid water.

Syringing Ears

Special glass, vulcanite and rubber syringes are sold for this purpose. Before injecting the fluid, warm it.

The stream of liquid should be forced well into the ear.

For cleansing the ears, add a dessertspoonful of spirit of wine to a teacupful of rose-water, warmed before use.

This liquid can be syringed into the depths of the passage once a day.

The dog should have a tape muzzle put on, and-then held by an assistant.