A multiplicity of morbid growths are liable to occur in dogs, some of these growths being of a very simple nature, others of a malignant or recurrent order.

By far the commonest are warty growths upon lips, tongue, and generative organ.

It is remarkable, but these often disappear spontaneously.

Solitary warts, if sufficiently large, can be removed by tying a piece of strong whip-cord around the root of the growth. This remark is equally applicable to other small tumours.

Dressing with some caustic agent such as lunar caustic, strong acetic acid, blue-stone, etc., may be effected in some cases, and others (when on tongue), dusted with dry calcined magnesia.

Tumours about the belly, etc., demand professional skill.

Polypi, or stalked tumours, are commonly found growing from the mucous membrane of the ears, nose, and female generative passage.

They can be removed by ligature.