When diarrhoea is allowed to continue, it is liable to end with dysenteric symptoms, the lower end of the bowel becoming implicated,, producing bloodstained evacuations, or the disease may be of a specific nature from the beginning.

No matter how arising, dysentery is an exhausting disease, and one that demands prompt treatment for its alleviation.

Internally, powdered ipecacuanha is the best remedy, and it should be given.

First give an injection of tepid water (1/2 to 1 1/2 pints) to wash out the bowel, and then administer from 5 to 20 grains of the above drug, mixed with the same quantity of bicarbonate of soda, in a tablespoonful of honey and water. Repeat in eight hours.

Give no food, and keep dog very quiet for next twenty-four hours.

Injections of starch gruel and laudanum are often very useful for dysentery, and can be used twice daily.

Twenty to 60 drops of laudanum may be added to a couple of tablespoonfuls of tepid boiled starch, then injected into the lower end of the bowel by means of a vulcanite, glass, or ball syringe.

Particular attention must, of course, be paid to the animal's diet.

Nothing but farinaceous foods should be allowed unless it be Brand's Essence, or some stimulating liquid, such as bovril or Oxo, to which isinglass has been added. If pain severe, apply hot poultices to the belly.