Although the Dog may be considered disinterested in his affection and fidelity to his owner, he is nevertheless as really alive to his own interests, as is the master, whom he serves. He has the same animal wants, is born with the same natural desires and necessities, which are absolutely essential to his support and protection. Self-interest is the most important and the absolutely indispensable ground-work nf all the acquirements of the master and his dog. The dog must be made to enjoy the display of his talents, by hopes of encouragement or reward, else he will be slow to obey and difficult to instruct.

If you wish your favorite to arouse you at any particular hour of the morning, the hour should be definitely fixed on. If he be fed at that time only, it will greatly facilitate his memory and absolutely ensure his punctual attendance, The master should regularly call 'his dog to the door of his sleeping apartment, at the time required, and give him some very palatable refreshment; after which he should be gently ordered away. This treatment should be continued, until the student be constantly found at his post without being called. On the master's calling, the bed-room door should be left open for several times, so that the animal may clearly understand where he is to go ; after which it may be closed and his visit awaited inside. Should he fail to attend at the usual hour, he should be called and the door closed, so that he may knock or scratch for admission. This of course must be repeated according to the aptness of the pupil.

If, after this he should be at his post, and make no importunate efforts at the door, he should be called from the inside, which will excite him to attempt a forcible entry. By repeating this a few times, if you fail to call him, he will get impatient and knock at the door. Be very careful to be mild in your commands, when you order him down stairs, or he might otherwise be led to conclude that he was forbidden to come up. Give him his fee, pat, flatter and gently dismiss him. If you please, you may cause him to lie on a mat, outside your chamber till you are ready to go down, when you should take him out of doors and exercise him in a little frolic, etc. This would bean extra inducement to his regular attendance.

Teach Your Dog To Call You At A Regular Hour 30