In size fifteen, to thirty pounds betwixt; Of liver color, or with white commixed ; Lively and gay, intelligent and spry ; Ears pendant, flowing hair, endearing eye : For Snipe or Woodcock, Rail, and such like game,

Well known his worth, indelible his fame ;

Where Pointer, Setter cease their game to trace,

He rushes to their covert hiding place.

Like the Scotch terrier, threads his sinuous way,

Nor tangled briars, his onward movement stay;

Ever afield and ever in again,

Careful he scours the wood and scans the plain.

Returning oft', to seek his master's will ;

Anxious his joyous mission to fulfil.

Look where you may, among the canine mass,

In scenting powers, the Cocker none surpass:

In learning apt, and fawning in his ways ;

True ia affection, sensitive to praise ;

Excels in memory, passing'fond of fire,

While yet for water, native, his desire.

If e'er to man, decreed a friend above,

His looks are fondness, and his actions love ;

No treatment harsh, or cruel, or unjust,

Can e'er seduce him from his wonted trust.

His memory surpasses in many things, that of the human race, and he is alike the creature ol habit and circumstance. Let your lessons be short and regular ; make them as pleasing and exciting as you can, and your pupil will always be up and ready, cheerful and willing to execute either your nod or your whisper. Is it not worth while to rise a quarter of an hour earlier (if necessary) for a few months, to educate a faithful friend, who will be rendered the happier, by devoting his whole life to your useful service.

Cocker Spaniel.

Cocker Spaniel.