Hunting dogs especially are frequently subject to sore feet. The causes are : traveling far on the hot ground or on a gravelly soil, overwork, frost, mange eruptions, improper feeding. etc., but the most prominent of all, is lack of regular exercise. Any human being, unaccustomed either to riding or walking, will feel the sore effects of a prolonged pedestrian or equestrian exercise. Therefore the greatest preventive against sore feet is regular daily exercise. My experience in this is confirmed by multitudes of professional Sportsmen.

The remedies are various. Sometimes simply washing the feet with alum water will effect a speedy cure. Whatever be the application, the feet must first be thoroughly cleansed, and be well protected against dust, dirt, otherwise the cure must naturally be delayed, 01 the evil increased. A few days rest on clean straw and the application of fresh lard, two or three times a day may be sufficient, should the feet be simply cracked with the heat. If the hair be falling oif and eruptions appear, " Butler's Mange Liniment5' will effect a cure. If it proceed from a general grossness through the whole system, the diet should be light, and gentle aperient medicines will be of service. A flaxseed poultice is excellent, where then; is inflammation. The feet should be carefully washed with Castile soap and luke-warm water, before every application and the poultice should not be left on till dry, nor too often repeated, which might cause an enlargement of the wounds. The diet should be light, the animal should be allowed very little exercise, and the general stale of his health should be attended to. In dry parched weather, leathern boots are a great protection to the feet, when there is any tendency to soreness. The dog must be habituated to them, before he is taken out, or he will find them too great an annoyance, to permit him to attend to his duties. Should the toenails grow inconvenlently long, they had better be filed off. as they are apt to injure the feet, and prove an annoyance to the animal.

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