Full many a bard, his glorious feats has sung ; Full many a hall, his echoed praises rung ; Where trophied antlers o'er the feast preside, Bold Oscar couching by famed Lufra's side. Most noble hound! of Scotia's lairds the boast! And highly prized on Albion's sportive coast 1 His brawny limb and wiry coat outvie The classic greyhound and the roughy Skye. In stature tall, imposing gait and mien, Near festive boards of Royalty is seen ; Bright piercing ken and scrutinizing eye, Cool, dauntless courage, that none dare defy ; His eagle glance, the distant game reviews, With lightning speed, the bounding stag pur-sues ;

With bursting ardor, void of every fear, Impetuous rushes on the fated deer. O'er rock and chasm, he darts, the daring hound, Nor ought arrests his bold and reckless bound; With fatal grasp, retains the destined prey, Tho' mortal wounds his prowess oft' repay. Mark well his joy, as home the prize they bear, His martial step, his proud victor,ous air ; By speaking gesture, glories in his name, And eyes exultingly the lifeless game.

Soon after pupping, warm drinks are both soothing and beneficial, such as warm milk, broth or gruel or any light, warm emollient, the patient may relish. But, it is not necessary to enforce it, or to disturb the family to insist on it ; a little may be presented in a tea cup ; if she partake of it, more may be given. The pups should be as little handled as possible ; it distresses them to bear on their bowels, and the constant habit of handling them should be avoided, more particularly in delicate breeds. If the slut should have an abundant supply of milk, the pups will not want feeding, before they are five weeks old ; in fact, they are better without it. Should the mother be a poor milker, they may be helped along by warm milk and water, (half and half) light broths and such like, which they may be taught to lap as early as the third week, or they may be raised from , a bottle, in the same way as a child, even from their birth. The main difficulty in raising them by hand, is in keeping them perfectly dry, warm and clean. With all possible attention, mere is nothing like a mother's care; nevertheiess, they generally get along very well, by your strictly attending to the above. Keeping many with the mother too long, retards rather than promotes their growth, as they do not feed as freely, while depending on the mother; at the same time, perhaps, die may not be able to supply half their demands. One pup left with the slut generally out-thrives the rest, upon the principle that what will starve a family will fatten one. He will also, be generally more forward in his antics, from having been under his mother's undivided attention. The mother's snapping and pinching her pups is no proof of her wishing to get rid of them altogether. She will invariably allow them to suck, when she has any amount of milk for them, but as they would drag her to death, if they had their own way, she is compelled to repulse them in her own defense, and make them wait her own time. After the fourth week or sometimes earlier, it is cruel to force the slut to remain the whole time with them, as they are a source of constant annoyance to her. When this is the case, it is better to keep her from them, except at noon-time and during the night. [ consider the most critical period for pups, to be between the age of two and four months. Bad food, lack of a comfortable bed, damp feet or too much exposure, at this tender age are apt to bring on Distemper, Inflammation of the lungs or bowels, often terminating in hasty consumption. Nevertheless, a delicate bred pup should not be brought up too tenderly; the object should be carefully to harden the constitution by degrees, according to the best judgment of the owner.

Suitable food, air, and exercise are as essential to the health of the dog as to that of his master. This being attended to, he will seldom require either pill, powder or draft.

The best food for puppies is a well boiled mixture of meat and meal. Viz : Sheep's heads boiled to a rag, the bones all carefully removed, and the meat chopped fine and replaced in the boiler, then add about the same bulk of Indian meal ; boil them well together about ten minutes, stirring all the time. Turn it out and you have a fine pudding to be fed at discretion. A little salt should always be added when boiling. The proportion of meal may be a little increased, when the meat is more nutritive. Avoid Pork and all salted meats.

Scotch Deerhound.

Scotch Deerhound.