White, black or brown, thick clothed In wooly hair, A general favorite of the Ladies fair ; The showman's pet, of mountebanks the boast. Said to originate on Gallia's coast. Varies in weight, from sixty pounds to three, Kind disposition, and from mulice free ; His dress (of course,) must be in fashion worn, His nose, and back, and feet all neatly shorn. In courage lacking, yet in fondness true ; His merits known, his rices hid to view ; Rendered effeminate, by female care, By tender petting and from lack of air ; Cuddled in laps, and nestled warm in bed, His pampered appetite on dainties fed ; His race has dwindled ; yet a hardy few Of vigorous growth, his sterner traits renew ; Famous in water, vigilant on shore, In Paris numerous, in Madrid a bore ; Found in all climates, known to every rank, The silky Cuban and the curly Frank ; To music dances, vaults on head or toe, Barks out the hour, or plays at Domino. Such are his talents, that ere long, I guess He'll beat Paul Morphy, into fits at Chess.

Poodle Dog.

Poodle Dog