In color, size, to Setter most akin ; With him contends Diana's prize to win ; Of form more elegant, when highly bred, Smooth drooping ear and intellectual head ; Of nervous build and muscular in limb, Clear, close set coat, with tail, long, straight and slim ;

In England,Scotland, Ireland,France and Spain, Varying in feature, yet in worth the same ; By some, the Setter is the worthiest deemed ; By others, Pointers are the most esteemed ; But. 'ere deciding, we should first compare Climate and treatment, management and fare. The former thickly clad, by Nature warm, Adapted best, to brave the cold and storm. Through bush and bramble, fearless cleaves his way,

Deep rushing waters must his steps obey; The Pointer Hags not, in the burning heat, Nor jaded, pants, the cooling spring to greet; Solely, wholly, purely, all lor fun, His aim is centered, in the double gun. Unlike the Hound, he hunts not to destroy ; The sportsman's glory is his highest joy ; In fine, in gaining powers, so like the Setter, A task it were, to nominate the better.

"Keep in" is also essential to the good manners and safety of your clog. It keeps him from wandering off at undesirable periods, and enables him to wind his way through a crowd, without losing his master. He should not be allowed to go on, without the order " On, Co on." If he should show a determination to advance, he may be saluted with a gentle tap, to the tune of " In, Keep in !" At first, he should not be kept in too long at a time, but often encouraged by the word " On.'" If he refuse to go on, he may be excited by throwing a cracker etc, a little ahead.

Remember, although he may be forced to come in, it is extremely difficult to force him to go on, until he is thoroughly drilled. This must therefore be effected principally by encouragement and good humor, sometimes by patting and exciting, or even by advancing at a quick pace yourself. In all these things, the disposition of the animal must regulate in a great measure our method of treatment. One thing is certain, the more he is pleased with you, the more readily will he obey.